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 If you run a business that requires your clients to book, then this is the perfect website for you!


Designed, primarily, for Health & Fitness professionals, the Carina Package is a versatile and fantastic brochure website for those who are busy providing services.


Carina not only informs customers about yourself, your team, your services and availability in a smooth and attractive layout, but also accurately handles the booking process, adding appointments to the calendar, sending necessary emails...all according to availability!


Easily customise your images and colours

Want to change your website colours?  


Simply use the colour pickers in your administration area! 


Want to change your parallax images?  


Simply upload the image to your Parallax slot and the Carina website will place it where it should be.  

That's it! 

Native customer mailing system

With the installed ACYMailing component, you can easily contact your entire customer base with regular newsletters, promotional updates and reminders about your business.  Create your own newsletter templates or customise the existing templates and enjoy a mass mailing solution that is native to your own website.

Staff Calendars

Manage staff calendars and availability from your administration area

Online Booking

Your customers can easily book online according to service and availability!

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