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The Quickstart packages are PRE-MADE websites that can get you online FAST with a full set of fantastic features, great user experience and easy incremental upgrades when your budget allows.


Everything is set up and ready to go, you need only navigate around the site, add your images and text and your business is online! 


They also come with various customisation features, which means that you can change the colours and other aspects using simple tools in your Admin area. 

  • £150 - £300

  • Online within a day

The quickstarts are suitable for a whole range of business models, but each is tailored to particular function and form.

For example, the Carina Quickstart is perfect for a business model that requires ONLINE CLIENT BOOKING, such as personal trainers, fitness instructors, salons or even Bed & Breakfasts.

Technically, due to the use of a powerful Content Management System, all my websites -including the Quickstarts- come with UNLIMITED pages!

However, each Quickstart has a range of pre-made pages that are important for the business model it is created to suit. 

Using Carina as an example, pages at installation include: 






Features vary for each package, so it's a good idea to familiarise yourself with the Quickstart you have in mind, in order to establish its suitability to your needs. 

However, all my websites come with:

Mobile Responsive Functionality

Embedded Contact Form

Social Network Integration

Newsletter Subscription and Mass Mailing

Frequently Asked Questions (such as this section)

Staff Profiles

Google Analytics

Website Back Up Component


As well as replacing all images to suit your needs (using easy image upload function), you can customise colour with easy colour picker functions. Different packages offer different customisation functionality.


In addition -as a client- you are able to follow my step by step guides in the tutorial section to customise practically every aspect of your website.  My Ticket Support system is always available if you need help.


If one of the packages is almost perfect for you, but you have particulars you would like to change or add, you need only get in touch to discuss customisations.  A small cost might be charged, depending on the changes you require.


You could also request an upgrade of the available features and we could get that sorted before installation.  For example, the Carina booking system is a fantastic component, but there are alternatives that have improved -or more- functionality.  In this example, there would be an additional charge, but I do my best to keep everything in your comfortable budget.

View Carina

Quickstarts Updates

I am currently updating the Quickstart Packages to bring them inline with recent framework releases.

They will all be available very soon, so come back and check them out.  You can currently view and purchase the Carina Quickstart.

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